First CMPS Institute Official Certified Mortgage Coaches serving South Texas

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2016)
    Woodlands, Conroe, Lake Conroe, Huntsville Texas Certified Mortgage Coach

    One of the most exciting things in becoming a Certified Mortgage Coach as approved by the CMPS Institute is the ability to give clients more insight to their mortgage needs that are completely ignored by most people in the industry.  When you meet with the Average Loan Officer you find they are only concerned with selling you on the product that make them and the Lender the most money.   The problems with the real estate industry are a direct result of people recommending things to clients they they should have never been put in to.

    As a the first Certified Mortgage for Montgomery County Texas I serve the Conroe, Lake Conroe and The Woodlands.  In addition I serve the Huntsville, Texas Area as well.

  • For Clients who are looking to refinance we have the ability to show you what is the best for you and your family in a simple and concise manner.  We de-mystify the new GFE that is being handed to borrowers now.  We clear the air where others confuse the Borrowers.  We track the other lenders and know what is happening before most loan officers even are aware that there is an issue with rates.
  • For Realtors we educate your client about the process so that rather than panicking your buyers are now given the education that they need so you can spend more time listing and showing properties.  We also have strategies to help you get more qualified buyers into your properties and strategies that only the average loan person can only dream about.  As a result you will have more closes and more referrals.
  • For Financial Planners we work within the framework that you and your client have already established to make a wise and planned purchase decision and our transparency gives you and your clients the knowledge that is needed for the transactions of this size.

As always I like to keep these updates brief.   To make an appointment so we can show you how we can make the Home buying or client home buying experience less stressful and more rewarding in the Woodlands, Conroe, Lake Conroe or Huntsville, TX area our contact page

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