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What Mortgage Professional Certifications Mean to you and your Family

As I noted in my post a short while back I became the First Certified Mortgage Adviser in Texas.   I currently hold and maintain two certifications.  The first is the Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS) and the Second is a Certified Military Housing Specialist (CMHS).  Over 95% of Mortgage Professionals only receive the minimum annual continuing education.  The other 5% strive to provide you and your family top notch service be obtaining and maintaining certifications that go above and beyond just the basics.

Why You Need a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS®)

CMPS InstituteYour mortgage is most likely your single largest debt, and your home is most likely your single largest asset. The strategy you use today carries financial consequences that can impact your life for years to come. As a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS®), I can help you answer these questions:

  • Should I rent or buy a home?
  • How much of a downpayment should I use when purchasing a home, and what are my options?
  • How much should I budget for my monthly housing expenses, and what if I budget less or more?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my ability to help my children pay for college?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my ability to help take care of my elderly parents?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my ability to retire within a budget and timeframe that works for me?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my monthly cash flow situation?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my financial ability to save money for the future?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my ability to manage and reduce my debt in a timeframe that works for me?
  • Should I purchase real estate for investment purposes?
  • What mortgage strategy should I use when buying a vacation home or investment property?
  • How can I improve my credit score?
  • How can I better manage my cash flow before, during and after a major career or life change?
  • How can I work with a mortgage professional who is committed to higher standards of competence, ethics and communication during the home buying and refinancing process?

Why You Need a Certified Military Housing Specialist (CMHS)

The Certified Military Housing Specialist (CMHS)  designates that the mortgage specialist:

  • Knows how to make sense of the military language, rank and pay system that most loan professionals lack.
  • Graduates are educated as to what happens when a service member is injured, and how their pay will continue during hospitalization and treatment.
  • Earning and maintaining the Certification indicates a significant knowledge base that active duty service members and veterans can rely on for prompt and accurate service of their housing needs.
  • Certified Military Housing Professionals  adhere to specific Standards of Practice, representing a commitment to provide quality service to military borrowers.

Will it cost me extra to use your expertise? In a word, NOTHING. The right mortgage planner can save you and your family tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.  We are paid the exact same way that a Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Banker or Loan officer are.

What are the benefits of using you?

Reduce Stress

  • By making complex concepts simple by…
    • Documenting and Educating by  Clearly Explaining and educating you
    • Thus a truly informed decision is a less stressful one

Save Money

  • By analyzing the different total costs of different mortgage programs over time
  • By analyzing and recommending debt reduction strategies that work with your wealth building plan
  • By being educated and tracking the market to insure that your loan is locked at the best possible time

Increase Wealth

  • Showing how to reduce debt, build and protect equity over time
  • Educating you to make smart and fully informed decisions
  • Always considering your long-term goals

What areas do you service? We provide Mortgage Services for the State of Texas.CMPS Institute

Who Certified You & what are your Credentials? The Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist Institute.  For details on the CMPS Certification the details of the program are here.  For the Certified Military Housing Specialist USA Cares awards this designation to select Mortgage Professionals that have demonstrated their competency in dealing with Veterans and their families.

I’m a Realtor, CPA or Attorney or Financial planner, how can you assist me?

  • Realtors: By educating your clients about the process we help you focus more of your time listing, showing properties and writing offers.  In addition we have strategies that help you get more qualified buyers into your properties and to sell your listings faster.
  • Financial Planners, Attorneys, Insurance Agents or CPAs: We work within the framework that you have already established with your client to make an educated and most of all wise purchase or refinance decision.  The focus is to work hand in hand with you and your clients to implement both long and short-term goals.  Many times the mortgage is overlooked as a key component of this strategy.

For more information about this program and how it helps partners and clients, feel free to our contact page

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