TSAHC Pulls the Plug on Homes for Texas Heroes Home Loan Programs

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2016)

TSAHC Has Cancelled the Homes for Heroes and the Texas Professional Educator Home Loan Program due to current Program Servicer canceling participation.

Recently Bank of America who was the Servicer for the TSAHC Home for Heroes and Texas Professional Educator Program has ceased supporting this program.  As a result TSAHC has suspended the program until further notice.

UPDATE: This down payment assistance (DPA) program is out of funds and was last checked Friday August 18th.  This information is accurate as of that date.  Please call our office at our contact page for more information on the 100% financing and first time home buyer tax credit programs available in your area.

The Professional Educators and Homes for Texas Heroes Home Loan Programs provides 30-year fixed rate mortgage loans to eligible first-time home buyers wishing to achieve the American dream of home ownership.  We are currently assembling a waiting list of qualified borrowers for this program.  If your Lender will not offer this program for you we’d be delighted to assist you.  To be placed on the waiting list you may apply Online here.

These programs are offered as First Come First Serve until Funds are exhausted.  The Details are covered in my previous post.  The Great news that is not noted is that when the program returns is that there will be an increased amount of down payment assistance for first time home buyers using the program.

The Texas Homes for Heroes and Texas Professional Educator programs are available exclusively through Select Mortgage Banks as determined by TSAHC,and we are pleased to be able to offer these programs statewide to you. To get pre-qualified for the Homes for Texas Heroes Program you may Apply Online here or simply Call our office at our contact page . The above is not a comprehensive list of requirements feel free to call our office at our contact page  with additional questions.

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