Recommendations/Referrals/Testimonials For Woodlands Mortgage

  • Michael Frazier CEO & Founder, Frazier Construction, LLC – 2-18-17 They are great to work with, honest and direct, and a pleasure to do business with. extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of Loans and loan planning. highly recommend.
  • Linda Moseley Grand Prairie Texas 3-7-2016I spoke to many Mortgage Companies and you are the only one that is helpful and takes my needs into account. Thank you for your help in getting me into a homeKris Pylate Conroe, Texas 3-2-2016

My Real Estate Agent referred me to a mortgage company and they were shifty and not very knowledgeable.  They just wrote me off and didn’t spend the time or had the knowledge to do much of anything but give me the runaround.  I have dealt with you before and you are always honest, direct and willing to help people get into homes.  I will only use you guys anytime I need a Mortgage

  • Margie Taylor – 07/30//2015, The Woodlands Texas

they are of integrity and honor. His experience within the community has provided an extensive degree of knowledge to serve the client in the best possible manner. they will always put the client first. Definitely the right mortgage advisor for your lifestyle investment.

  • Ben Sigmund – 4/29/2015 – The Woodlands Texas

Thank you again Guys – you’ve been the easiest lender to work with that I’ve experienced for sure…I appreciate that.  it was a pleasure working with you, and I would definitely recommend you to others (in fact I did already to another guy at the office).

Love the way you work ! Smooth, makes me happy!

  • Luke Moses Realtor/Real Estate Investor  Conroe, Texas – 9/11/2014

I’m both a Realtor and Investor and they have been very helpful in explaining detailed processes involved with closing complex loans. I have referred clients to them and I will continue to do so.

  • Brad and Lisa Brunson –

We really enjoyed working with you also. You made it as quick and painless as possible, which we greatly appreciate. We again thank you for all of your help! We wish you continued success. You will be the first person we contact if we ever need anything else 🙂

  • Kirk & Jennifer Killingsworth Texas

The whole home buying experience was extremely easy with you and your team. I had heard home buying can be difficult but you all made it seem very easy. We were in a time crunch to make our deal happen on a difficult loan, but you made it happen. We love the house and have been working on fixing it up every day. One day when we decide to buy a new home again I will be sure to look you up. And I know that Dianna [our Realtor] will recommend you to any of her clients that need an agent. Thanks again

  • Michael & Sonal Kunnuji 

    They are amazing to work with. He is professional and ready to answer any questions that we had. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to buy a home and wants a smooth process. In fact, my wife is a realtor and recommends them to all her clients. Thanks !!!

  • Mike Lemay Lewisville, Texas

    I chose them as my broker for a recent refinancing of my home. They proved to be extremely practiced and organized. I followed the procedure they sent me, which was very clear and concise, and there were no unexpected delays or requests for further, unexpected information. All details were explained up front in the process and there were no surprises. I can recommend them, without reservation, for an honest, high-value home financing.

  • Gary McCoy, Real Estate Broker/Owner @ Realty


    Please be advised that they have been doing business with my real estate company for a lengthy period of time. During this period they have performed their mortgage duties with a strong sense of ethnics and professionalism. He has gone beyond the call of duty to meet out client’s mortgage needs with complete honesty. Mr. Daniels will continue to provide mortgage services to our agents and clients in addition to the referrals we pass along to them based on their excellent performance.

  • Clint Brinkley – Client 

    They are remarkable Within their industry they have been able to find solutions to issues their clients previously faced that no one else has either had knowledge of or cared to resolve. Additionally, they are very inquisitive and looks for opportunities to help others daily. Get to know them like I do, You’ll soon see what I mean!

  • Steve Emerson – National Business Development Manager, CRE Credit


    I am blessed to work with multitudes of mortgage companies and individual loan officers. There are many character attributes that are a common denominator amongst those that enjoy the most success. Work ethic, forward thinking and creativity in helping every client are a few that resonate with me. they stand out in all of these areas and that is why they’re not only successful but has sustained a very long career in an otherwise “high turnover” industry. Many in the industry are excellent at number crunching and analytics. However, these skills can sometimes be a detriment unless you employ excellent people skills and follow up. I see the full package with them and it’s evident in their body of work as well as the feedback I receive from their referrals. I take great pride in contributing to their business and look forward to the years to come

  • Milton Arch – Dallas Texas

    They are consummate professionals with extensive experience in the mortgage industry, and is a Certified Mortgage Planner. They bring a plethora of experience and talent with them, and is a valuable resource and asset, especially in today’s challenging mortgage market. They are extremely talented, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. It is a real pleasure recommending them.

  • La Toya Houston, Texas

    they were remarkable in securing my husband and I a loan that was right for us. they were very patient at answering all our questions and making sure we were well informed about the process. they are well educated on the changes in the housing market and will educate you on how the changes effect you as the buyer. they go beyond what constitutes as good service and is one of the most knowledgeable professional I have met in any industry. He informed us about our credit issues and provided valuable insight on how we can resolve them in order to obtain a home we truly appreciate them for making our dream of home ownership come true. Thanks

  • George & Rhonda – Clients 

    Thank you for all of your help. George and I appreciate all of the kindness that you have given us through out the entire experience. You made buying our new home enjoyable, flawless and you expedited the process so that we could get into our new home quickly. You always kept us informed and were quick to get answers to any questions that we had along the way. From the beginning to the very end it was an experience that we shall never forget. George and I will never forget all the fun that we had and will highly recommend you not only to our friends, but to anyone who is looking to purchase a new home or to refinance. I know they will not be disappointed as we know that a #1 top rated Mortgage people in business to work with in our experience and opinion.

  • James Dinaso – Porter, Texas

    they are passionate about helping people get the loan they deserve and fights until they find their client the right program. They are good people to connect with.

  • Lindsey Mangold – Client 

    they are a pleasure to work with. They know their industry and are willing to share their knowledge with others. I’ve been very impressed with their work ethic and their ability to see things through in a very timely manner. If you need a mortgage broker who is up to date on all of the new laws, you need to talk with them

  • Shannon Dies – CPA 

    They are the best Certified Mortgage Professional I have ever known. Their knowledge and integrity are head and shoulders above the crowd. I recommend every person I know to Them.

  • Yolanda Ramierez – Client 

    Just a short note to say thank you for your help and guidance with the home buying process. It was a great learning experience for me and not as painful as I would have imagined it to be. Thanks to your patience and willingness to assist me through the maze, I was able to buy my house. You always answerd every dumb question that I asked you without hesitation. It was a pleasure working with you/ Thank you

  • Bonny Roman – Realtor 

    They are an amazing team! They will always take time from their busy schedule to answer any questions with the most detail! Not only have they helped my husband and I refinance our home, they also helped us get our loan for an income property. They are so kind and extremely helpful. I’m very glad that I had them both to help us! Will definitely be recommending them to anyone I know and utilizing their services in the future!

  • Mitchell From 

    They are an absolutely more than just another Mortgage Guy. They are truly is a Mortgage Coaches. They listens to a borrowers complete situation, educates them on the process (before and during), and then works diligently to get the deal done… even if that means working “outside the box.” I recommend my business contacts as well as my family & friends to them (Certified Mortgage Coaches). You should to

  • Katherine Ebel – North Harris & Montgomery Country


    They are detailed oriented, they are conscientious, and caring. He tells you how it works and what you need, and makes it work for you

  • Jan Peterson – Client 

    They know all aspects of the home loan process and is very helpful in showing every possible option available. His consistent and reliable communication from the start of the loan process to the minute you get your keys puts them a step above the rest. Call them and use their services. You wont be sorry!

  • Robin Morton – San Antonio, Texas

    They are consummate professionals. They continually seek ways to improve their level of service. He is attentive and listens to their clients short-term and long-term financial goals. With their extensive product knowledge and attentiveness, they provides expert financial advise to their mortgage financing clients. If I or a family member were in need of a mortgage loan, they would be highly recommended.

  • Mary Ann Hegvold – Client 

    they are truly dedicated to serving their clients and finding the right solution for a family’s long term investment. I would recommend that anyone thinking of buying a home talk to them before they get too far into the home buying process. He’ll walk you through it with your best interest at heart.

  • Kevin G Smith 

    They are both knowledgeable about the mortgage industry and can translate their customer’s needs into real actions. I would recommend them to anyone seeking a mortgage or advice

  • David Cranfield 

    They are very knowledgeable and thorough, as well as quite honest. I’ve been associated with them for years and have seen them show quite a bit of integrity, and have really enjoyed my working relationship with them.

  • Terry Kohler – El Paso, Texas

    They come with integrity and knowledge that would benefit many. They care for the outcome of people at all levels. I highly recommend Their honesty, talents, and abilities to assist anyone who would consider connecting with them in any way for your Home Mortgage

  • Roger Hsiao – Houston, Texas

    Working w/ Them, at least for me, has set the standard of excellence for how an ideal lender-broker relationship should function. Ever since my first conversation w/ them, I could tell They were different. They area Class act first and foremost, who has their clients interests always at the forefront. In this business, that’s a trait extremely difficult to find. However, w/ Them it’s a given. Furthermore, one of the greatest aspects of working w/ them is that they realize that although you may be on the other side of the fence (for example, I’m a direct lender), teamwork is essential to getting the job done, and getting the job done well. Even though, in files we’ve closed in the past, problems arose, we were able to work efficiently to get the problem resolved quickly. That is a testament to what type of person they are. They’re people w/ great integrity, work ethic, and I look forward to receiving calls from them because they’re a pleasure to work w/. I highly recommend them in any professional capacity they can assist you in. Thank you.

  • William and Carol Twyman 

    My wife, Carol, and I had been trying to refinance our ranch property for several years. Carol holds a license as a Mortgage Consultant, so is more knowledgeable than the average person. She had contacted numerous mortgage companies looking for one who could get the deal done. After contacting Them, they were very helpful and kept us informed and educated on the process every step of the way. Even though they did encounter some problems with underwriters, they were persistent and lined up the financing EXACTLY as we had envisioned. We could not have done this without the expert knowledge of the mortgage industry and persistence that they demonstrated. He has been a tremendous help to us and we can recommend them highly to anyone contemplating either a “plain jane” mortgage or one that is a bit “odd ball” or irregular. they are a masters of “the deal” and knows their numbers inside out.

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