Smarter Business Cards For Realtors and Real Estate Agents

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2016)

In this day of social media Real Estate Agents and Realtors need to make their Business cards work smarter and harder

Real Estate Professionals work hard and promoting their brand by getting professional photos and paying extra to have more durable cards shouldn’t something be done to actually give the recipient a reason to hold on to a card longer?  In the Houston Texas area there is a company located in Willis Texas called Better Business Card

Here’s the typical abbreviated fate of your business card:

  • Agent to Consumer: Here’s my card and if you need my services just reach out and I’ll be happy to help you
  • Consumer: Uh ok or Great

They go their separate ways and a little while later they are going through their overly fat wallet or purse and remember vaguely your conversation if at all and say to themselves “Why do I have this in my stuffed wallet/purse?” and pull it out and file it in the circular file, in the file cabinet or otherwise dispose of it.  Then that little piece of marketing material ceases to be productive.

Solve your Clients problem Now AND Later

Great Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents and RealtorsPeople in general keep 3 things in their wallet or purse.  Identification, Money or Credit Cards, Coupons

Coupons are the best way to go and there is a free way through Better Business Card to have your clients keep your card for a year and see it every day in their purse or wallet.  Free because you are already paying for your cards and for no additional cost the reverse side is a coupon for a restaurant that you select from a list of restaurants in the Houston, Texas general area AND are Unlimited use for a year. They have pre-made templates for every major Real Estate Company in Houston and can make new ones for you.

It’s Viral!

I’ve used them for over a year and I get Leads from it because when I give cards to past, present and future clients they give them to their friends and family and so on.  It’s a fantastic marketing tool.  So Check out the Better Business Card site and let me know what you think.

What about RESPA Compliance?

Since it is not specific to a client and you don’t pay anything above what you pay for normal cards and you don’t pay the restaurant to offer the discount it is fully RESPA compliant.

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