TDHCA Bond 77 Increases Purchase price and Income Limits Effective Immediately

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2016)



Breaking News! TDHCA Increases Purchase Price and Income Limits for Bond 77.  Additional Buyers to Qualify for Down payment assistance in Texas

With the Roll out of the Latest Bond 77 Texas Down payment assistance allotment TDHCA announces increases in both the purchase price and income limits for Bond 77.

UPDATE: This downpayment assistance program is out of funds and was last checked Friday September 22nd.  This information is accurate as of that date.  Please call our office at our contact page for more information on the 100% financing programs available in your area.

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Bond 77 Video visible to registered users only see below

With what could be called the last hurrah for Bond 77, TDHCA announced on June 6, 2011 that they are increasing the number of people who can use this First Time Home Buyer Assistance program for Texas.

How TX down payment assistance “Income Caps” work

For most down payment assistance programs in Texas each has their own income Cap where if the “household” makes income above the amount set by TDHCA then that family cannot obtain the down payment assistance in Texas.  This income cap is set at the county level for TDHCA and other down payment assistance programs in Texas it can be set by zip code census tract.  By raising the income limits this will allow thousands of families that were not able to qualify for the program to now receive the down payment assistance from TDHCA.  On the down side this will increase demand for funds in the program and as I mentioned on my original post the program will not be re-funded once funds are exhausted.  You will want to qualify using our online application here immediately or funds may be exhausted by the time you want to close on your home.

If you are already working with another lender you will need to contact them to obtain the assistance.  If they cannot do bond 77 we will be happy to assist you to qualify using our online application here. Or you may call our office at our contact page

If you have specific questions about Income Caps, Purchase price limits or other details of the program  in your area call our office at our contact page  and speak to a Mortgage Banker.  If you are currently working with another lender on your Bond 77 loan you will need to contact them directly.

Increasing Demand Means Bond 77 Down payment Assistance program will run out of funds sooner

Since there will be a higher demand for funds, the program is anticipated to run out of funds


sooner than expected.  For current funds availability simply contact our office at our contact page

Additional program details and qualifications here.


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